Repair Compound

AGmaster™ Patch is an effective concrete repair kit developed to correct defects, damage or corrosion on concrete surfaces. PATCH is designed specifically for concrete chemical containment systems and rinse pads. It can also be used on a wide variety of other surfaces such as fiberglass, metal and wood.

PATCH is ideally used as part of the AGmaster System to repair problem areas prior to applying protective coatings. It may be troweled in place and sanded to the desired finish. Once cured, PATCH forms a very hard and durable surface.

PATCH solves a wide variety of surface problems from construction defects to corrosive deterioration. As a part of the total AGmaster System, PATCH is a necessary component in site maintenance programs and can extend the life and value of containment facilities.


Performance Benefits

  • Spreads smoothly
  • Quick setting
  • Helps meet environmental regulations
  • Resistant to high temperatures
  • Ready to use immediately after mixing
  • Compatible with AGmaster System
  • Water resistant
  • Clings to a vertical surfaces
  • Use on many surfaces
  • Nonconductive


  • Concrete chemical containment systems
  • Rinse pads
  • Masonry walls
  • Metal and fiberglass storage tanks


The components of the AGmaster System are:

  • PREP - Surface Cleaner
  • BIND - Rust Sealer
  • BASE - Rust-Resistant Primer
  • GUARD - Chemical and Impact-Resistant Finish Coat
  • PATCH - Repair Compound
  • SHIELD - One Step Coating System