Features Overview

Specialty Coatings for the
Agricultural Industry


SURFACE - Before using the AGmaster Coating System, Remove any loose rust and loose paint from the surface being protected.




PREP removes oil, dirt and other contaminants from steel or masonry prior to painting. It works effectively on bare, painted or rusty metal.


BIND is a 100% solids coating. It seals rust and inhibits corrosion. BIND is an alternative to sandblasting. It seals out moisture and air and enhances adhesion to rusted surfaces.




PATCH is an effective concrete repair kit developed to correct defects, damage or corrosion on concrete surfaces.


BASE is a chemical-resistant epoxy primer developed specifically to provide protection to steel and masonry in the chemical environment. It effectively protects surfaces against chemical breakdown and corrosion.




GUARD is a durable finish coating, providing corrosion resistance a well as long-lasting high gloss color.



SHIELD is the first protective coating system developed specifically for the fertilizer and agricultural chemical industry that combines the benefits of a primer and finish coat in one application.