Rust-Resistant Primer

AGmaster™ BASE™ is a rust-resistant epoxy primer developed specifically to provide protection to corrosion and rust-prone materials. BASE is applied directly to rust, paint, bare metal and clean masonry, minimizing surface preparation and costs. It will displace moisture and adhere well to tight rust, stopping the corrosion process.

BASE is designed for use on anhydrous ammonia wagons, chemical storage tanks, agricultural equipment and concrete chemical containment systems.

This multipurpose primer minimizes sandblasting and provides excellent adhesion for subsequent coatings. As part of the AGmaster System, BASE offers durable, maintenance-free results, providing substantial long-term savings.


Performance Benefits

  • Stops rusting process
  • Minimizes sandblasting
  • Ensure coating adhesion
  • Adhere to damp surfaces
  • Lowers preparation costs
  • Use of many surfaces
  • Cures at low temperatures
  • Apply with airless, air, brush or roller,
  • Durable, maintenance free
  • Easy to use


  • Anhydrous ammonia wagons
  • Chemical storage tanks
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Containment dikes and rinse pads


The components of the AGmaster System are:

  • PREP - Surface Cleaner
  • BIND - Rust Sealer
  • BASE - Rust-Resistant Primer
  • GUARD - Chemical and Impact-Resistant Finish Coat
  • PATCH - Repair Compound
  • SHIELD - One Step Coating System